Whether you are working on a full length documentary, an informational video for a website, a short fundraising film, or any other video project, there are far more parts to the project than most realize.  Even experienced filmmakers can use an objective helping hand.  Jackie Weissman has extensive experience in all phases of documentary filmmaking, and is ready to support you in whatever stage you need assistance or feel least confident.  Some examples of services she provides are:


“Jackie feedback was critical and useful in creating and implementing our Kickstarter vision. Her perspective helped us to focus on what we really wanted to say and what people would hear. She is a pleasure to work with.”
— Roniya Sheffer-Hogan, SweatSationale

•       Grant application assistance

•       Crowdfunding management, advice, and strategy

•       Proposal writing assistance

•       Finding and managing crew

•       Project management

•       Storyboarding

•       Critiquing work

•       Enabling you to find your voice and focus

Photo credit: Jan Sonnemair